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Cape Verdeans are co-stars in reality show of polices on TNT

Cape Verdeans are co-stars in reality show of polices on TNT
Manny Canuto and Diamantino "D" Araújo are Cape Verdeans and elements of the Gang Unit of Boston Police, on the East coast of the United States of America. Now, every Wednesday, in the TNT cable channel that has produced successful series like Law & Order, ER-Emergency Department and more recently Castle - are co-stars of Boston's Finest. In this reality show directed by actor Donnie Wahlberg, the work of the agents of the Boston Police Department, shows viewers what it takes to protect and serve the most populous city in the State of Massachusetts.
Boston's Finest debuted last February 27th and the second episode completely seduced the audience. Is that the reality show is not limited to follow the staff of BPD when in service. It also shows the personal life of each, presenting viewers with family life, which is the great support of the police career, from the world famous SWAT until the elements of Gang Unit.
Is this unit, officially designated Youth Violence Strike Force (force to combat youth violence, in literal translation), which is part the Cape Verdean double Manny Canuto and Diamantino "D" Araújo. Along with other 64 agents, detectives and supervisors working in partnership with the Department of Justice to reduce violence led by gangs, fight illegal arms possession and violent crime by keeping criminals away from the streets and young offenders.
To see the third episode of the reality show, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, 13th, the Cape Verdean community in Boston has scored against in Cesaria's Restaurant. Manny Canute and Diamantino "D" Araújo will also be there to receive the applause of his countrymen. Donnie Wahlberg, who was born in Dorchester, should also be present in Cesaria's to share with the audience the experience of producing this series of eight episodes.
In an interview with the local press, the Director said that the agents chosen to star in the Boston's Finest (Best of Boston, in free translation), are just a "good chunk" of the thousands of men and women of the BPD. And among them are our Manny Canuto and Diamantino "D" Araújo. A mini-biography of Manny, posted on the website of the reality show says the 32-year police is on Gang Unit for 11 years. Single, Manny was born and still lives in Roxbury, Boston satellite city, home to many Cape Verdeans, among them the parents of this agent of BPD.
Diamantino "D" Araújo, 33 years, also lives in Roxbury, where he moved at the age of 10 years, when he left his hometown, Cape Verde. Seven years ago in the Gang Unit, the "best friend and partner" of Canuto is married and father of two children, who are always with a warm embrace when he comes home after several hours of work, in which he permanently lives at risk.

The texts have been translated by a non English native speaker and may contain some errors of form or interpretation.

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Author: Teresa Sofia Fortes


All news from Cape Verde!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014
All news from Cape Verde!
Trough the website www.oceanpress.info , you can now follow all the news from Cape Verde, managed by an editorial team and a professional staff who will inform you about everything related to this beautiful archipelago.

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Sunday, 06 April 2014
For the very first time Ocean Cafe will broadcast live on its own YouTube channel one of its more successful events, the Jam Session.
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